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Operators can count on smooth handling and ease in every action, whether traveling, turning, lifting or loading and unloading. Smart use of steel, operator-forward design, intrinsic stability and easy-access controls add up to help operators get more done. Crown applied decades of expertise with counterbalanced lift trucks to ensure static and dynamic stability with the C-5. The Crown Intrinsic Stability System combines engineering, manufacturing and integrated technology to proactively ensure optimal safety and performance. The balancing of the engine virtually eliminates vibration enabling smoother performance and greater operator comfort.

Less maintenance, a longer lifespan and dependable uptime add up to lower total cost of ownership and better lifetime value with the proven C-5 Series. Crown’s C-5 Series also features easy accessibility. From removable side panels to generous access space, the lift truck is designed for “standing access.” to commonly serviced components. The C-5 is backed by cost-saving, productivity-enhancing features including long-term warranties and a global support system. When it comes to total lifetime value, Crown is the clear leader.