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The ESR Series provides smooth and precise control of hydraulic functions and a full range of standard and optional features designed to increase operator efficiency. With four models in three capacities and lift heights to 13 metres, the ESR Series sit-down reach truck provides the flexibility to address various rack set-ups, space constraints, environmental extremes and more. A streamlined design helps operators move in and out of drive-in racks with greater ease and efficiency. From the value-packed ESR 5220 to the best-in-class ESR 5280S, you’ll find a reach truck to match your performance, aisle width and lift height requirements. 

The ESR reach truck with Cold Store Cabin option is designed for the extreme temperatures and corrosive conditions of freezer applications. It does much more than keep the operator warm. Cold conditioning starts with the reach truck itself. For protection in harsh environments, we coat chassis seams and studs with a wax-based corrosion preventative compound. In addition, we apply silicon sealer to all exposed electrical connections, give the motor compartment an additional layer of paint and use clear varnish to protect steel components in the motor compartment.

The rugged cabin structure, featuring profiled steel tubing, protects both the operator and your reach truck.A fully featured, thermostat-controlled heating system and airtight windows with heaters maintain a temperature-controlled environment. The cold store cabin option is available only on reach truck model ESR 5260.

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